Where to Begin with WordPress

Each time I go to WordCamp, there is a group of folks (either site owners, newbie bloggers or graphic designers) who want to understand the basics of WordPress.

They struggle to fit in, they don’t know how to get started.

By sharing tales of my own start in 2005, as well as how my colleagues, collaborators and clients got their feet wet (sometimes falling on their eventual road to success), I believe it can do several things:

• Fill a missing gap in the beginner’s struggle
• Provide confidence (and tips) to overcoming the curve
• Begin their day feeling connected and ready to learn from the rest of the event’s storytellers

As for the folks who have already ‘been there, done that’, they can recall overcoming their own hurdles – and a feel a sense of accomplishment.

It might be fun to do a short series of post, prior to the event, telling a tip or trick that some of the speakers provide of things they wish they knew early on (during their own beginner days).

Looking forward to continuing this conversation!