Speaker Applications Are Now Open

Apply to speak!

Well hello there! I’m super excited to announce that speaker applications are now open for WordCamp Denver 2015!

We’re really big fans of stories because you don’t need to be an “expert” when you use stories. If you’ve ever been hacked you can talk about security. If you ever sent a pull request on GitHub you can talk about version control, and if you’ve ever written a blog post you can talk about blogging. Stories are easily shareable and the attendees will be able to walk away with something really useful.

We’ve also made sessions of varying lengths. Some are going to be around 20 minutes and some around 50. That means that if you have a short story you can request a shorter talk. Same thing if you have a longer story.

Lastly, we want this event to build the awesome Denver / Colorado WordPress community. We’re going to have a slight preference for in-state speakers.

No more questions? Awesome. Go fill out the speaker application.

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