Thank you, Rollerblade!


We love Rollerblade! Not the fun summer sport on inline wheels, silly, we love Rollerblade App! They are a Mt. Evans level sponsor for WordCamp Denver 2015. Thank you, Rollerblade!!!

Rollerblade was designed specifically for Wordress Professionals that work with clients or on a team. It eliminates dozens of hours of painful phone calls and meetings and allows you to deliver higher quality end-products while preserving budget for the things that matter.

Rollerblade is an in-line annotation and commenting system that any team member or client – even the ones who are the most technically challenged – can use. On the back end, all annotations are stored in tickets with screenshots and provide your team with the information they need (steps to replicate issues, php and js errors, MySQL queries, etc) to quickly assess and fix issues.

In the end, it takes less time to deliver awesome work so you can spend more time doing awesome things in life – like Rollerblading.

To start enjoying the benefits of Rollerblade, first make a list of 10 things you’ll do with all the free time you’re going to have, then sign up for the free beta here.